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Controlled Drugs in   Primary Care 

New edition now out!

Nigel Morley has just finished the next edition of his hugely successful book Controlled Drugs in Primary Care: The Law, Probity and Good Practice.

If you are just starting out in Primary Care and would like a book that informs you about everything you need to know about Controlled Drugs, ranging from storage to record keeping, then this book is for you.

Go to www.dispex.net or phone 01604 859000 to place your order.






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This website is designed to be your one-stop-shop for all Controlled Drugs related news, information, advice, services and products.


Nigel Morley MRPharmS is considered to be one of the leading consultants in Controlled Drugs and has worked as an expert witness in at the Shipman Enquiry; is the author of Controlled Drugs in Primary Care “ the Law, Probity and Good Practice; is an adviser to and member of The National Prescribing Centre Controlled Drugs Focus Group and Consultant to the Department of Health and the Home Office.  




Dispex provides training, advice, consultancy and implementation of medicines management policies at practice level.  This is achieved through practice visits, training courses, long distance help and on-line support. Go to www.dispex.net to find out more




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