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Surelines Limited

Surelines Ltd is the successor to Surelines Pharmaceutical Services Ltd, the name was changed in 2008. Surelines Pharmaceutical Services Ltd was also the successor of Surelines Discount Chemist Ltd incorporated in 1989.

The change of names reflects the evolution of the company from a chemist owning vehicle through to a company supplying education, training and consultancy primarily to Dispensing Doctors through to today’s vibrant and innovative Surelines that provides services in the following areas:

  • • Medicines Management
  • • Formulary Development
  • • Training, advice and consultancy accessing all areas of Primary Care
  • • Publications and Registers
  • • Online Learning Experiences
  • • Medicines Reimbursement and all aspects of Primary Care Pharmaceutical Services

The company has evolved over a number of years to meet the needs of ;

  • • Primary Care Organisations
  • • All Health Care Professionals
  • • The Pharmaceutical Industry
  • • The Department of Health

A common factor throughout the growth of the company had been the founder and Managing Director, Nigel Morley;

  • • Registered Pharmacist
  • • Expert on Controlled Drugs Legislation
  • • Lecturer in Primary Care
  • • Expert in opening a pharmacy or retaining Dispensing Doctor dispensing rights

Today Surelines has a number of divisions run by its Board of Directors and the company has evolved into a company dealing with all aspects of Medicines Management, Formulary Development, Medicines Reimbursement and all aspects of Primary Care Pharmaceutical Services.

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