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Storage and Destruction

There will be occasions when a contractor wishes to destroy Schedule 2 Controlled Drugs. There are two clear categories of such, patient returns and contractor’s own unissued stock. Such drugs should be destroyed or denatured to the extent that they cannot be recovered, retrieved and re-used; and may then be disposed of as normal pharmaceutical waste.

Schedule2 Controlled Drugs, which have to be recorded in a register by law, which are the practice’s unissued stock cannot be destroyed without an approved outside witness.

Good Practice

There are many protocols relating to the safe and proper disposal of controlled drugs. For the Royal Pharmaceutical Society’s protocol click here.

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Safe Custody

Certain Schedule 2 Controlled Drugs ( CDs ) and some schedule 3 drugs are subject to safe custody requirements (under the Misuse of Drugs [Safe Custody] Regulations 1973). This means they must be stored under lock and key in a locked receptacle, usually an appropriate CD cabinet or approved safe which can only be opened by the person in lawful possession of the CD’s or a person authorised by him or her.

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