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Supplying and Record Keeping

Records for Schedule 2 Controlled Drugs must be kept in a register.  The register must be bound and contain individual sections or pages for each Schedule 2 drug. The regulations for record keeping changed on the 1st February 2008 to include the following legal requirements;

The format and requirements for CDRs are specified in the Misuse of Drugs Regulations 2001 as amended. Records of the receipt and supply of schedule 2 CDs must be kept in a CDR.

All healthcare professionals who hold schedule 2 CD stock must keep their own CDR and are personally responsible for keeping this accurate and up to date. At the present time, CDRs may be maintained either in a paper bound or electronic format.

From 1st February 2008, it will no longer be a legal requirement to maintain a CDR in a prescribed format. The regulations specify only the headings or fields to be used in the CDR. The CDR may set out “entries to be made in case of obtaining” and “entries to be made in cases of supply” on the same or separate pages. Two separate pages will no longer be required. This supports maintenance of running balances. Separate pages (in paper) or sections for each strength and form of an individual drug will be required. Each page must specify the strength and form of the drug at the head of the page, together with the name of the drug to which the entries on the page of the CDR relate. In the case of electronic registers, they must be capable of printing or displaying the name, form and strength of the drug in such a way that the details appear at the top of each display or printout.

  • The regulations require the following information to be recorded in the CDR, under the following specified headings, when CDs are obtained:
    • Date supply obtained
    • Name and address from whom obtained (e.g. wholesaler, pharmacy)
    • Quantity obtained

  • When CDs are supplied to patients (in response to prescriptions) or to practitioners (in response to requisitions), the regulations require information to be recorded in the CDR, under the following specified headings:
    • Date supplied
    • Name and address of person or firm supplied
    • Detail of authority to possess – prescriber or licence holder’s details
    • Quantity and form in which supplied

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